Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit and Periodic Products No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit

Pool Stain Eliminator Kits

Here is a question we were asked by Glenn in Orlando:

In the past, I used “Jack’s” stain test kit. With that kit, I needed to use their “O2 Safe Shock” in addition to the copper stain remover, in order to get a reaction.
Will your stain remover kit work for copper without this added product?

Good question!  If you have a fresh stain, our No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit will work on removing the iron and copper stains and eliminating the metals from your pool water.  If you have had a stain for a long time, your stain may be calcified over and then you need to do a treatment like the Jack’s Magic “O2 Safe Shock” to remove the calcium layer and THEN do the stain treatment.

Don’t forget that when doing our stain treatment, you don’t have to do a stain test kit first because we have both types of stain treatments to remove iron stains and copper stains from your swimming pool surface.

The most important part of doing a stain treatment is to remember there are three parts:

  1. Treat and remove the metal stain
  2. Sequester the metals in the water
  3. Eliminate the metals with CuLator Metal Eliminator

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