Start-Up Procedure for Cementitious (Plaster) Surface Pools

The following procedure was developed by the late Greg Garrett and is based on the published start-up procedures of the National Plasterers Council (NPC). The use of Super Start-Up simply uses chemistry to facilitate the balancing of the pool water, the reduction of plaster dust, the sequestering of metals, and the filtration of suspended solids.


     Step 1. Follow NPC Guidelines ( regarding filtration equipment, return heads, directional eyeballs, source           water, and water flow.

     Step 2. Start the filtration equipment immediately when the water level reaches the middle of the skimmer or other specified water level.

     Step 3. Add Super Start-Up to the pool water through skimmer line. Rinse bottle with pool water and add rinse to the pool water through the skimmer line.


     Step 1. Follow the NPC Guidelines. The chemicals in Super Start-Up are designed to convert the plaster dust into calcium (hardness) and carbonate                 (alkalinity), reduce vacuuming, and help rapidly balance the pool water. Follow the NPC procedures for proper surface brushing, water testing, and water        chemistry parameter adjustment.