Help! My Pool Water Turned Brown!

Brown pool water is often caused by metals (iron) becoming oxidized in the pool water. If you shocked your pool water and it turned brown you probably have metals. Oxidized iron usually turns a brown or rusty color in the water.  Use the No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit to reduce, sequester, and eliminate the metals to clear up your water and prevent recurrence or staining of your pool surface.

Metal Stain Eliminator Kit

Finally, a kit with everything you need to eliminate metal stains and water discoloration.  Includes instructions!  Each kit works on iron, copper, cobalt, and other metal stains.  The No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit allows you to remove, sequester and eliminate metal stains without draining the pool, with no phosphates and even works in low temperatures!  Helps prevent and end brown water, green water, and purple or black water.

Examples of Brown Pool Water