Help! My Pool Water Turned Brown!

Help! My pool water turned brown! Chances are you landed on this page because you have brown, unsightly water in your pool or spa. Brown pool water can be easily treated using one of our kits and a few of hours of your time.

What is the cause of brown swimming pool water?

To get rid of brown swimming pool water, you need to identify the cause of the discoloration and take appropriate steps to address it. There are generally two causes of brown pool water; organics (leaves, tannins, algae, debris and dirt) and inorganic metals (like rust, iron, copper and manganese). Using the images below, identify what kind of brown water you have, then click the link and follow our easy-to-use directions for treating your brown pool water problems.

Where do the metals in my pool come from?

It is essential to identify the various sources of iron entering the water. These sources include well water, which often contains high levels of iron and other stain-causing metals when used to fill or top off the pool. Additionally, high iron content in the source water can result in brown water and staining. 

Damaged or corroded pool equipment, metal pipes, and fittings can introduce iron and other metals, causing discoloration. Rain or irrigation water coming into contact with stones, bricks, water features, or fertilizers can lead to iron accumulation and brown water. Moreover, salt systems and chlorine generators contribute to iron build-up over time. Even the cages and screens around the pool can release iron into the water when rainwater touches them. By identifying and addressing these sources, you can effectively prevent iron-related issues and enjoy crystal-clear pool water.

How do I get rid of metals like iron, copper, and manganese from my pool?

CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer for Pools and Spas
CuLator Metal Identification Color Chart
Using the Metal Identification Chart above, hold your used CuLator up to the sun to see which metals have been removed from the pool water!

The secret in all of our kits is CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer!  

CuLator is the only way to get rid of stain-causing metals like rust, iron, copper, manganese, and cobalt without draining your swimming pool.

This metal remover and eliminator captures metals inside a small CuLator PowerPak bag for easy removal. Another great feature is the contents of CuLator turn colors and help you identify the metals being removed (see chart above).  CuLator works in a wide range of pH and doesn’t dissolve in water, so it doesn’t add to your TDS.  CuLator finishes what sequestering agents and metal control products start.

There are two sizes of CuLator:

CuLator PowerPak 1.0

CuLator Ultra 4.0

The CuLator PowerPak 1.0 removes 1 ppm dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons and is placed into the skimmer basket. Patented CuLator Ultra 4.0 removes 4 ppm dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons of pool water.  The Ultra 4.0 also includes a GatorEgg protective cage which allows the Ultra to be placed into the pump basket.