Help! I Have Iron Bacteria in My Pool!

Iron bacteria is a chlorine resistant bacteria that incorporates iron into its body. Iron bacteria is usually caused by using well water, but is now showing up in city water. Generally, if you have a brownish slimy film in the back of your toilet tank, you may have iron bacteria in your pool. What is tricky about iron bacteria, is that it looks like iron staining. So, when you treat your pool with a stain treatment, the color goes away and it looks like the stain is gone. However, the bacteria is still on the surface and the color will return as soon as you chlorinate the water.

Iron Bacteria Eliminator Kit

Luckily for you we have a solution that will completely eliminate the iron bacteria from your pool water and surfaces. Our Iron Bacteria Eliminator Kit and easy to follow instructions will help you remove the “iron stains” (iron bacteria) without using harsh chemicals or having to completely drain the pool. Saving you valuable time and money in the process.

The Iron Bacteria Eliminator Kit includes algaecide, metal sequestrant, a CuLator 4.0 and easy to use directions.

Examples of Iron Bacteria