What is CuLator (pronounced “C-U-Lator”)?

Let’s get technical:

CuLator® Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer is a patented technologically advanced product designed to rapidly eliminate metals from fresh and salt water. CuLator takes conventional chelating or sequestering agent groups and binds them to a unique, insoluble and non-toxic polymer backbone. This allows metals to be physically removed and eliminated from pool, spa or fountain water, rather than temporarily sequestering metals in the water. The chemistry to produce these polymers was developed over 25 years of scientific research.  So, what does all that mean?  CuLator does not dissolve in pool water, grabs metals out of water and off sequestering agents and keeps them inside the bag so that you can ELIMINATE the metals from your pool and spa! 

CuLator PowerPak 1.0 for Skimmer Baskets
CuLator PowerPak 1.0 for Skimmers


CuLator Ultra 4.0 in Pump Basket
CuLator Ultra 4.0 in Pump Basket



What is the benefit of using CuLator?

CuLator prevents metal staining and discoloration by eliminating metals from pool and spa water.  Sequestering agents are only a temporary fix.  CuLator is the only way to get all the metals out of pool without draining the water.

 culator metal remover  Before and After CuLator Wade Boss

With and Without CuLator

How Does CuLator Work?

Why use CuLator?

Filters and sequestering agents do not filter out all metals from water.  CuLator binds and eliminates metals from water. Once the metals are bound to CuLator, they do not release back into the water. Because CuLator stays inside the bag, it is easy to grab the metals out of the water and dispose of them.  Using CuLator maintains a metal free pool which is healthy; prevents water, hair and clothing discoloration; pool surface and equipment staining.

Used CuLator
Iron trapped inside used CuLator


Used CuLator Copper 1.0
Copper trapped in used CuLator

Why not just use a Sequestering Agent?

Sequestering agents surround the metal ions and slow down the oxidation and precipitation of metal oxides onto the pool surface. Unfortunately, sequestering agents are unable to remove significant amounts of metals through a pool’s filtration system. All sequestering agents break down over time and need to be constantly added to the pool water. Many sequestering agents are also phosphate-based. Sequestering agents are only a temporary solution.  When you use sequestering agents, the metals are still in the pool.  Only a “total” metal test will give more accurate results when sequestrants are used.  Sequestrants mask the test results of “free” metal tests.

What happens if I don’t use CuLator in my pool?

If you have metals in the water, there are three major problems that may occur:

1.  Metal staining on pool surfaces and equipment when pH goes too high.

Wade Bosse Iron Stain Before    IMG_2093

Iron Stain 3A   IMG_1851   Pool Stairs Before Treatment

Lee Pool Filters    Zag Basket 2


2.  Water discoloration when you shock the pool.  Usually the water will be a clear green, brown, or a black color.

Wade Bosse Pool Black Water Before   Lee Pool Water

Green Water


3.  Hair and clothes turn color from metals in the water.

Hair Turned Green


How much CuLator do I need?

The amount of CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer required to eliminate metal staining problems is dependent upon the level of metal in the pool. As with all pool chemistry, testing the water is the only way to know the amount of metal in the pool. Use a metal test kit that measures “total” metal levels not just “free” metals. This is especially important if sequestering agents have been added to pool water because sequestering agents mask the metal test results. If you already have metal staining on the surface, the tests will not read those metals. The tests only read dissolved metals in the water.

Which CuLator is right for me?

pool stain treatment


How do I know if CuLator is working?

One way to see if CuLator is working is to have your water tested for total metals before and during use.  Another way is to pull the CuLator bag out of the skimmer, or pump basket, to see if there is a color change inside the bag.  Hold the bag up with the sun (or light) behind the bag to see if there is color on the polymers.

Used CuLator Ultra 4.0 with Iron   Used CuLator Copper 1.0   Used CuLator with Copper in GatorEgg Cropped New


CuLator Color Chart A

You may see a color change inside the bag depending on the metals bound.

Note:  Not all metals show color and some people may not be able to see the color change.

How long does CuLator last?

For best results change CuLator after one month.  However in certain situations, you may leave CuLator in longer than a month.  The Ultra 4.0 may be used for the season (just check regularly).  If the contents of the CuLator bag are still puffy, you probably still have some binding capacity.

What if I already have metal stains on my pool surface or discolored water?

Periodic Products makes four Problem Eliminator Kits for various pool issues (each kit contains everything you need to solve a pool problem–even instructions!):

culator metal eliminator      Iron Bacteria Eliminator Kit