August 22, 2019

Stain-Free pool with CuLator  Beautiful Pool After Iron Bacteria Treatment


I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the pool. All stains are gone, and the water is crystal clear. life is good.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help and the Culator product.

Best regards

John F.



Here are two pictures of the culator bag Been 30days Blue color is copper but you can see the yellow color when holding it in the sun Pool looks great


CuLator with Copper and Iron
CuLator with Copper and Iron


Pool is still looking good but now we want to get rid of these grayish stains on the pool liner. I have tried two things with no success There are:

Ascorbic acid powder by natural chemistry Pool stain treatment by United chemical

Iron Bacteria Stains on swimming pool

5/15/19 As you see by the pictures everything is looking good .  No beige stains on the steps or on the liner.  Based on the strips I am using everything is in range except the chlorine stabilizer( CyA). I did add some stabilizer last week because controlling chlorine was quite difficult.  I checked the culater bag and it has a yellow color when I hold it up to the sun.

It’s puffy and also has like a light blue shade not directly in the sun. Could be from the algaecide?

CuLator Ultra 4.0 used with copper

There are a few dark stains in the deep end and we were thinking about treating them  with a stain out product but would like your opinion on what to use.

I was also wondering about switching back to salt and generating chlorine.

You said 30 days but since it looks this good I was wondering.


June 13, 2019

I had a huge problem with metal stains in my pool (see Photos of before and after treatment). After much research, I determined that the best way to address this problem was to do an Ascorbic Acid Wash to remove the stains, add a sequesterant and then use CuLator to absorb the metals. This 3 step treatment saved me from the costly process of completely draining my pool, doing an acid wash and then refilling. The result of using a combination of all 3 methods was INCREDIBLE!!! My pool went from green with brown stains to crystal clear blue within one day. After a month, I can see that the CuLator packets have turned from white to a pinkish color and have absorbed the metal particles that were still in the water.

If you have the same issue, I would highly recommend this 3 step process. Make sure that you use the CuLator Packet(s) to ensure that the metals are fully removed from the water. Without the CuLator packet(s) your metal stains will return.

Before and After Using CuLator Ultra 4.0

Used CuLator Ultra 4.0

Tony B.

Orange County Los Angeles California

Tony, thank you for the great review!  What you described above with the three step process is our No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit.  Step 1:  Remove the stains with a stain treatment.  Step 2:  Sequester the metals.  Step 3:  Eliminate the metals with CuLator Ultra 4.0.  

June 11, 2019


We spoke last week regarding my pool in Nebraska. I am the one who year after year has struggled to tears to open her pool, spending $$$$ in chemicals as directed by our local pool store to mitigate my well water. I wanted to tell you I am ecstatic! For the first time ever, I have opened our pool with clear water! I followed your directions with “less is better”, using the CuLator and I have a swimmable pool within one week!

Thank you SO much for your patience and help.  Over the phone, hundreds of miles away, you have been more help to me than any pool store ever has been.

Shannon V.

Nebraska Pool Owner


May 7, 2019

David Mc is the guy!  If you need a “go to pool guy” to answer pool chemistry questions call David.  I have a 25,000 gallon in-ground pool (reason we purchased the house 5 years ago). Every year has been a challenge to open the pool.  We are on a well with lots of Iron and other metals.  Every year I would go to the local pool store and ask for advice on how to open my pool.  Every year I would end up spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals that they said would give me sparkling clear pool water.  Every year it would take a month or more just to get the pool to a swimmable state.  I would get the pool balanced and then they would say add more chlorine(more money).  One year after shocking the pool(just add more they said) my pool water turned a very pretty purplish brown! Unswimmable!  I looked online for help and I stumbled across the Periodic Products website.  I called them up and spoke with David.  I explained what was going on with my pool and he said stop.  He explained what was going on chemistry wise with my pool water.  He than laid out a plan step by step to get my pool water to that beautiful crystal clear state.  David said do this today and call me tomorrow and let me know what happened.  He did this over and over again until I had crystal clear pool water.  The amazing thing about his advice was every time he said to do something I got the exact result he said I would get.  It was as if he was at my house performing the task himself!  Another amazing thing was he didn’t try to sell me anything!  The only thing I purchased from David was a CuLator Ultra 4.0 pack.  This I needed to eliminate the metals in my pool water from my well.  David gave me hundreds of dollars worth of advice and information free of charge and he did so with so much joy.  His advice gave me joy because it worked but it seemed to give him even greater joy because he had helped me. Again David is the guy!  I can’t say that enough or with enough enthusiasm!  I am now enjoying my pool (the reason we bought the house).  Thank You David and Periodic Products.


Marshall K.

Washington State Pool Owner

July 19, 2018

I placed the CU Lator in the skimmer basket last week. The results from the test at Leslie’s is no copper. The chlorine and other test items were just about ok. So yesterday the family used the pool.
I want to thank you for the product, CU Lator, and the kind and attentive assistance you gave to me in getting my pool dilemma resolved.
Now I will have to learn how to balance the pool chemicals, so it  does not repeat again.
Thank you again and have a nice day.

Before and After CuLator

Lincoln Park, NJ

July 11, 2018

Hi Periodic!! First off I would like to congratulate you and the company on all of your success!! Which is very much deserved!! I am not to sure if you remember me or not but I had actually spoken with you via phone back in July of 2014 and left the review on July 28, 2014. I am the one that had tried the CuLator pack as a last resort, after battling issues for like a month. With my “Intex” metal framed pool. You were quite shocked to hear that it had even worked in one of these kinds of pools! And your product has saved us do much time and aggravation and still amazes me to this day almost 4 years later!

So this year a family member had surprised us with a new Intex pool. Only its not the same system our set up at all!!! I have no skimmer basket, I have to use a long size filter, just everything is new and so unfamiliar. I have attached pics to show you the new system. My old one had an upper skimmer basket attachment that connected to the filter. So where can I place my beloved CuLator pack?!?! There isn’t really a spot in the filter and the directions for some reason say to never put any pool chemicals in the filter(which we always did in the past with chlorine tabs, etc)

  Intex Pool Pump

I was hoping you would have some advice here since you were a tremendous help before. I really hope I can still use my CuLator packs or I will cry! They are the only thing that works!!! And I have been recommending them to everyone. My parents just started buying the hot tub one this summer and they love it too!!

Thank you so much for your time! And again congrats on all of your success with and thank you for continuing to produce products that are amazing!!

K. R.
Pennsville, NJ

K.R. Thank you for the wonderful review again!  I would take a CuLator 1.0 and place it inside the filter housing on the outside of the filter (not inside the center).  I recommended this to another customer and they said it worked for them.  The only risk is that the bag may tear.  See if that works.  If it doesn’t work, give me a call at 954-764-7654.  Thanks!  David

June 12, 2018

I’ve used your product in the past and had an amazing experience with it. I’d like to offer it to my customers as a product they can purchase or I can use/install for them as needed. Let me know how dealership opportunities work.


Phil Janowiak

C and D Pool Service

Thanks Phil!  We are glad you like the CuLator products.  Give us a call at Periodic Products to help you find a distributor near you: 954-764-7654.

April 8, 2018

I have been using the CuLator bags in my skimmers for about 4 years now, and they work fantastic!(20,00 gal comm pool) I have the trifecta of metals coming from the street(copper, iron, and, magnesium), and, have tried all sorts of ‘metal out’ pour ins. The CuLator bags are changed out monthly, and are exactly as advertised, colored a greenish yellow, to show the metals that have been removed! I will continue to use the CuLators as they really work!

Thank you for your time, and, product!


Andre Caron Chief Engineer Hampton Inn Freeport, ME

Thanks Andre!  We appreciate the great review!

September 4, 2017 – Beaver/Brighton Township, PA

Before and After Iron Bacteria Eliminator Kit

Many thanks to Chris Walkerow at Periodic Products and Fred Schweer at Pool Rx for incredible help with our pool.

We’ve been dealing with gray/brown discoloration on the bottom of this pool in southwestern Pennsylvania for several years without success. Finally last fall, I reached out to Pool Rx whose sanitizing product we use. Fred worked with us and directed us toward C U Lator to deal with copper removal. In talking with Chris about the issue, he recommended that we use their Iron Bacteria Eliminator product to address the discoloration. So after dumping and refilling the pool to get rid of the very high chlorine stabilizer that had built up from past efforts, we followed Chris and Fred’s guidance to the letter. Nothing went in the pool this season without their approval. We couldn’t get the C U Lator products locally so we had them shipped up from Chris in Florida. Even liquid chlorine was very difficult to source locally: “Nobody uses that, use tablets or granular” is what we kept hearing. But we insisted on what these two chemists recommended.

We dumped and refilled the pool in late June, and completed the Iron Bacteria treatment just in time to swim over the July 4th weekend. The pool has been clear, clean, and stable the rest of the season! This is the first time in at least 3 years that we have had stable pool chemistry and had a normal pool bottom appearance. Our local pool supplier ran our water tests but quickly learned not to make any recommendations because we were “using another lab.” After about six weeks of consistently stable test results, they started to ask: “What are you putting in this pool?”

We HIGHLY recommend Chris and Fred for their outstanding ability to deal with pool chemistry issues. Apparently, a combination of iron bacteria in our fill water combined with clay soil, a high water table, and direct sunlight resulted in this persistent discoloration. Chris was the first to figure out a solution.

Attached are before and after pictures. A HUGE thank you to Chris and Fred!!!

March 31, 2017 – Cape Coral, FL 

I have had over 20 pools in my market of SW Florida with Sapphire Breeze tile that have turned black. We have had some in SE Florida, Tampa and some in Orlando. Patty is aware of some in the Vero, Melbourne market. In the beginning we were replacing the tile thru warranty.


It took some time but we finally found a solution (Periodic Products No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit). The pool water has manganese present. I have treated 3 pools myself just to make sure it works. If the instructions that come with the product are followed it will work. Also be aware if the manganese level reach a certain point it can stain the pool finish. I have seen several pools where the finish has turned purple.

I started having the issue about 2-1/2 years ago. I have removed all of this tile from our NPT showroom displays as well as from all of our customers showrooms. This being done we have still sold some of this tile. It doesn’t have an issue all the time but when it does it is not much fun to deal with. I suggest eliminating the possibilities as much as possible and remove the tile every place you can.

Here is the contact info for the Florida rep from Periodic Products. Reach out to Chris with any questions. He is very good.
Chris Walkerow

Gary Martin
Pool Corp
Building Material Specialist
SW Florida

October 24, 2016 

I would like to thank Joe and David for their help with my spa.You’re product was a miracle! My old fiberglass spa turned from white to black because of the metal in the water and the ph high. Thanks to CuLator Citric Acid within minutes it returned to its original color. It would have taken hours to clean it if anything would have worked. What a time and labor saver this product is. Thanks, Robin

August 8, 2016 – FL To the People at Periodic Products,

I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a great product for my pool! I have attached two photos. One photo shows a printed report on metals from the local pool store for three consecutive weeks of having to add liquid metal control to my pool(previous weeks showed much of the same. This has been my costly routine because the rusting screws to my lanai screen over my pool(other pic.) It has caused accumulation of metals in my pool due to rain. Since I’ve discovered CuLator, I haven’t had to add any liquid metal control! The liquid stuff is only a band-aid for the problem, but CuLator is a metal eliminator! Since I put it in my pump basket, it has done exactly what it claims. My recent print out reports from having my pool water tested for metals now doesn’t recommend me using the liquid metal control, because CuLator is doing it’s job! I have given much praise to this product when speaking about it to the good people at the pool store. They were so impressed by my story and the tested pool water results that they are now going to recommend it to their customers. I like how I don’t have to keep spending money on a liquid bandage to the problem and having to keep adding it on a weekly basis. CuLator is the cure, with little-to-no maintenance. I also want to thank David at Periodic Products for the great customer service and information. Product and service are top notch with you guys! You have a customer for life. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Brian K.

We get many calls from people with screens over their pools.  CuLator will take those metals out to prevent staining.  When your problem is large, or just to be safe, you can always use a sequestering agent with the CuLator.

July 1, 2016 – Aberdeen, WA 

Before treatment with CuLator Metal Eliminator:

16-6-13 Pool stain 4 (002)   16-6-13 Pool stain 2

“… I have waited almost a week, before contacting you.  Your suspicion was correct, once I installed a pool water grounding system, and then treated for stains, it worked.  I have now re-balanced my pool chemicals, and accidentally over chlorinated, and no stains have returned.

After treatment with CuLator Metal Eliminator:

Blain Pool Fabulous 1   Blain Pool Fabulous Full View

I am going to replace Ultra PowerPak  4.0, because I am sure I still have residual chemicals, from the multiple stain treatments I have preformed.

Thank you for your insight, and deductive reasoning.

Blain R.

WOW!  Pool looks beautiful!  Blain’s pool is an indoor fiberglass pool.  Blain had performed several stain treatments with no success before he called us at Periodic Products to ask for help.  After several calls, images sent and pool water tests, we asked Blain to see if his pool water was “bonded”.  The clue was from his pictures, which showed there were no metal stairs going into the fiberglass pool.  Usually, the metal stairs or hand rails that go into the water are bonded.  If your fiberglass pool is not bonded and the equipment is not grounded properly, you have an electrical potential that could be dangerous and will stain the pool surfaces if metals are present.  Always double check to make sure your equipment is properly grounded and your pool water is bonded.

April 19, 2016 – Tarpon Springs, Florida

Used CuLator Ultra 4.0 Fricke

Dear Periodic Products:

CuLator removed from pool after approximately 13 months. Looks a little worn, but the pool looks great.  Thanks for all of your help.

Chuck Fricke

January 9, 2016 – Hollywood, Florida
Metal Problem Just A Memory

Relegated now to just a bad memory, the problem with metal in our pool was once a horror. In fact, it was so bad that when chlorine was added, the water turned black, a phenomenon called ‘flashing’. Thanks to the effectiveness of CuLator, we were finally able to eliminate the metal, although our pool is so large and our problem was so severe, that only the 4.0 strength was up to the task.

Others have commented on this, but really eliminating metal from a pool can be a process–a very frustrating one. Besides Culator, Periodic Products has another amazing asset, David M. A personal contact who is knowledgeable, patient, and really understands customer service is a rarity.

There is an answer to that tough problem of metal in a swimming pool! Thank you, Periodic Products!


December 21, 2015 – Springfield, VA

In my recent dealings with David M. and Periodic Products, Inc. I have been extremely pleased and impressed. In the process of trying to diagnose a problem with our pool water chemistry David went the “extra mile” in providing the advice and resources to help correct the problem. It was obvious he not only was quite knowledgeable but he also was genuinely interested in helping to solve the problem. David was patient, thorough and clear in all our interactions. I am a very satisfied customer who is happy to recommend Periodic Products, Inc. as a great source for providing solutions to water related issues.


Brad Hibbs

Wellness Manager Greenspring Retirement Community

October 5, 2015 – Jupiter Island, FL

Managing 400,000+ gallons worth of pools can be a challenge. We are constantly exposed to situations that want to promote stains in them.  Since we started using the Curator Ultra 4 paks, we have been able to dramatically limit the metal staining that has been an ongoing battle in our pools in our tropical environment.  Using the Ultra 4 Paks as a PRO-ACTIVE part of our regular maintenance, I finally feel, that we are able to stay “ahead of the game” in our stain prevention protocol. Our pools are looking better, and for longer periods!

Marcus Smith, CPO,  Aquatics Facility Manager

August 12, 2015 – Trenton, IL

Pool is fantastic, looks great.  Yes on the rust specks.  I’ll try the vitamin c, never gave it a thought.  I brushed the oxidation off, it just returns.  Not sure why or an easier way.I laid off the algaecide, no need to shock, used way less ph.  PhosFree I used instead.  Water has stayed balanced easily all season, even with 50 inches of rain, May thru Sunday evening.  Unbelievable amount of rain.  So much, but I think with this metal out of the pool, it just has been so simple.  I plan to open with the CuLator open package.  Treat and remove this little of leftover color first chance next Spring, then float the bag in the skimmer again to keep it clean.  Even the plastic skimmer components are white.  Where the water flows into skimmer, I can see true white.  By next treatment, it might be brand new looking.  I’m so glad I talked to you and used this.  Each year our pool walls took on the color of almost light beige.  It wouldn’t come off.   New look on a fiberglass pool, which has been in for I think 15 years, is very nice need.Will continue to share the info!  Have a fantastic day….stay in touch!  I’ll send you a photo too later.


July 17, 2015 – Trenton, IL

Well, that little bag works.  Ours, to me, looks a little blue and some places are brown (copper never showed up on our water tests when we had it professionally tested).  Present water tests…no metals, that made us happy.  The staining that remains is very light, blotchy at best, maybe over half of our 15×28 fiberglass pool, only visible with sunglasses.  I also noticed specks like rust on the steps and seats.  When I rub the walls there is white oxidation.  So here are my questions.  If I add another liquid metal remover to finish removing these stains and we close normally about mid Sept, is that enough time to remove the free floating metals?  What removes oxidation?  And the rust specks?  Now that our girls are on their own, our pool is not used but by me, so I rarely shock.  It’s been so clear and using less chemicals ever, I just haven’t seen a need to shock and mess up the stabilized water.  There is a shine to the water I haven’t had in a while, plus by July the walls normally took on a dirty color but not this year.  So white, so happy!!  If you think I should just wait and open next year with the kit and remove the last of the stains then, I can do.  It honestly isn’t stained that much and I could live with it till next Spring.  Thank you for helping me out.


June 22, 2015 – Pekin, IL

Just wanted to send a brief about our satisfaction with your CuLator product.  We have been selling the CuLator 1.0 for a couple of years and have just added the CuLator 4.0 in 2015.  As a fiberglass pool dealer, we were always frustrated with metal staining on our customer’s pools.  The CuLator product has really helped…our customers are much happier with the look of their pools.  No more metal stains. Thanks again.

San Juan Pools & Spas
2030 Broadway
Pekin, IL  61554

March 19, 2015 – Fort Pierce, FL

I recently built a new swimming pool with a beautiful PebbleTech finish.  After filling it with water, I was disappointed to find a 3 cubic foot iron stain in the deep end.  Being a pool professional, I tried everything at my disposal to remove the stain from the wall of my beautiful, brand new swimming pool.  Nothing worked until I tried CuLator.  Three days after adding CuLator to my pool’s skimmer, the stain vanished.  Now my pool looks just as it should – sparkling clean and refreshing.  Thank you, CuLator!

Mickey Sigmon
Owner and Operator
Pool Pro Inc.

December 9, 2014 – Delray Beach, FL

Your stain removal product is amazing!I only wish I had taken a before and after picture because the results were nothing short of amazing!

Our remodeled patio and pool is our pride and gathering place for entertaining friends and family and we were so dissapointed when our beautiful pool became an embarrassment of stains.  I tried another treatment and it made it better but within a month the stains were back.  This product has made the Diamond Bright look like new and I plan to keep up with pump basket treatment to keep the stains from coming back.  It really is beautiful again.  I don’t understand why every pool store in the country doesn’t carry this product.  Thanks again CuLator!

Robert Waite

The difference is dramatic and fairly sudden. Suddenly, after not using the pool for a while, I almost flipped out yesterday. The pool looks like the day it was built…well, close to it! Although keeping the chemistry correctly allowed the stain to leave the grout and the cement, it is only because of the CuLator that it was removed, leaving no traces of the green. Wow! Wahoo!!

Ellyn B.


As the manager of a family run pool store in Canada, I only believe in selling products that actually work. When I came across “Culator” I was hesitant if it would actually remove copper. I tried it out in a pool that had levels of copper over 10.0 ppm. I used the ultra power pack (4.0 remover) and eventually got the copper levels below 1.0ppm. This product is amazing and significantly cheaper than using sequestering agents, which would cost hundreds of dollars in this specific pool. It also saves the water in your pool, you do not need to drain it and start over, which is also a costly alternative. I now recommend this product to any customer experiencing metal problems. If you are interested in saving water, time, chemicals and of course money… use this product and you won’t be disappointed.

Ashley P.
Manager  Relax Pools & Spas (2010) Inc.
216 Patillo Rd Tecumseh, Ont N8N 2L9
P. (519)727-1120


After years of trying several complicated metal removal systems with little or no results we decided to give this simple treatment a try.  To our amazement, this product worked wonders in such a short time by working to eliminate unappealing metal stains.  We have gotten to the point where customers, after seeing this products positive results, are requesting CuLator bags by name.

Pool Specialists Raleigh, NC
919-562-2111 x 0


Absolutely off the scale wonderful!!!We own a Intex pool, which if anybody else out there owns one you will agree that the pumps designed for these pools are awful. They do not treat the water properly and are way too small for any size gallon if you ask me. For as long as we owned one, we have always had an iron issue. I am the kind of person who does not really take on new products for the fear of “dear god this will not work and i’ll have to drain this pool again.” I faithfully have been an Omni product user for all my chemicals including the Stain and Scale Control and Prevention liquid which we used often and loved. And about at 23$ a bottle it ended up becoming a little expensive because we started noticing after about 3 to 4 days of using the ENTIRE bottle….the iron would come back. Come to find out the liquid was only putting a molecule around the metal content instead of eliminating it. As far as I know and my local dealer knows there hasn’t been a product out there that could entirely remove the metal without effecting your chlorine and pH levels badly which can create even bigger problems. So after battling this water for 3 weeks and going into my local pool store 2 times a week, the owner said “give this CuLator pack a try, the other customers have tried it and swear by it.” I looked at him, I’m sure with the most skeptical look on my face. The product he handed to me was in a small plastic bag and looked like a little white pillow. I have had the worst time controlling this water that I was sure this little thing wasn’t going to do anything. So I purchased it as a last resort. It was 2$ more than my liquid but at this point with being so frustrated and feeling defeated I figured “well why not, I’m going to have to drain it anyway” I got home and as per the directions laid it into my skimmer basket and within 6 hours my pool was CLEAR. I’m not talking clear with some stains or cloudy, it was the clearest I have ever seen it. I was shocked and at the same time elated because it was a battle that was finally over. Here I am, almost 2 weeks later from my initial use and the water is great. Now like I said in the beginning I have an 12×36 Intex pool. Which totals to a little over 900 gallons. This product is made for much larger pools and it is a miracle for this little pool. For the price, you cant beat it. It is suppose to last for 30 days in a pool size its designed for and I have high hopes because my pool is so small that my PowerPak will last a lot longer. Not only has this little white pillow saved us money, it saved us time and hassle that we would most definitely gone through had I not been offered this product. Also, this product has not effected any of our chemical levels at all. I am able to shock the pool and do all my regular cleaning and caring routines and not have to worry about messing this thing up. It is a product I would bet on and highly recommend to anyone with any size gallon. If you have a much larger pool than what one PowerPak can treat then I would suggest buying two and placing them in your skimmer basket. I cant believe that anyone that has used this product has had it fail simply because I have this itty bitty pool with a horrible pump and its working, when it is made for much larger pools. I will never go back to buying the liquid stuff and as long as my dealer carries these I will buy them and if god forbid they stop selling them then I will be online ordering it. Thank you so much!

Kasey R.

July 9, 2014

I would like to express my appreciation for your outstanding service.I purchased a 4.0ppm Culator filter, believing that I had an iron problem in my in-ground, vinyl liner pool.  After installing the Culator filter in my pump, and then performing the recommended treatment of adding ascorbic acid and then a metal sequestering agent, the brown covering that I believed was iron still was on the pool liner walls and floor.  When I checked the Culator filter after the treatment, it was still white in color.  I proceeded to call your offices because I did not know why the filter was still white, and I was put in touch with the chemist, Joe ____.    I explained the circumstances to Joe, who was very knowledgeable and correctly guessed that I did not have an iron problem, but rather the problem was brown algae.  Joe offered to test my pool water using your sophisticated equipment to confirm his guess.  I sent a sample of the pool water to you, and then called Joe, who provided the test results on the same day the sample was received and confirmed that the problem was not iron but brown algae.  We then discussed the proper course for treating the pool to remove the brown algae, which included using a copper-based algaecide, and then using the Culator filter to ensure that the copper from the algaecide did not remain in the pool.  The algaecide treatment removed almost all the brown algae, and I will perform a further treatment to remove the remainder.  Your company was very professional and helpful, solving a problem that had been ongoing for the last two years and which no other pool service person had correctly diagnosed.  Thank you very much again for your assistance.

Davy Z.

June 1, 2014

I will order the 4.0 on Monday as I think it is a good investment in case someone ever puts the hose in from the well water and tops up the pool without the filter on and to also ensure there are no residual metals that I have not and cannot test for.I have to also thank you for your help, you have gone beyond what I would have expected, there are not many companies that provide this good service especially when I have not even purchased your product yet.


April 8, 2014

Last summer, I had terrible staining at the bottom of our Fiberglas pool.  I tried using the liquids, the powders, and nothing seemed to work.  So, I decided to try the CuLator packet.  After  a couple days, the stains started to disappear!  I recommend this product to anyone who has any staining issues.  The support staff at your company is top notch.

Jack DeVries

March 20, 2014

Very nice talking with you today David!    This is my second season of ordering the Ultra PowerPak 4.0 and there is absolutely nothing else like it on the market to remove stains.   We went through a long and laborious process the summer before last with significant metal staining in our pool.  After substantial expense and trials of other products that did not work, I found your company and have been amazed with the results.  At no time since I began using it, have I had any staining in the pool whatsoever.   I am able to maintain chemical balance with no difficulty and over the course of last season the CuLator not only kept the pool stain free but actually removed the metals sequestered in the water.  It is a fantastic product and I highly recommend it.

Alan Huffman,
CPO  Certified Pool/Spa Operator by The National Swimming Pool Foundation

December 2, 2013 – CAPE NEDDICK, MAINE

Dear Craig,On your recommendation, I tried the CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer in my in-ground pool this summer and I am beyond pleased with the results!

Our well water is heavily laden with iron and we have constantly battled stains on the gunite surface of the pool.  So naturally, I was very skeptical of any product that claims to solve this problem.  The CuLator delivered.  I installed the CuLator (Ultra 4.0) in my pool pump basket and it effectively removed the iron from the water for almost the entire season.

I would recommend the CuLator for any pool-owner with heavy metals in their water.

Kind regards,
Brian M. Meagher
Critter Ridder, LLC

Cape Neddick, ME

August 2, 2013 – PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY

The attachment highlights the San Juan fiberglass pool installed at my residence in New Jersey. Staining on the pools surface was problematic until I discovered CuLator three years ago. For years prior to this discovery, in attempting to identify and remove the unknown staining, I treated the water’s chemistry with a multitude of (rather costly) stain removal products to no avail. Frustrated I reached out to the manufacturer’s technical support who explained that at times during the pool fabrication process it is necessary to sand areas of the pools interior prior to applying the gel-coat finish material. As the gel-coat finish cures, these sanded areas are rougher than the balance of the fiberglass surface and subsequently prone to metals staining. This revelation led me to reach out, and now, with constant use of your metal removing product placed in the skim basket, there is no need to introduce any other metal stain inhibitors to the pools’ water. The fiberglass surface remains metal stain-free to this day. I am extremely satisfied with the CuLator metal remover and stain preventer.Two pool seasons ago, I approached an area pool supplies vendor, Leslies Pool Supplies and shared with management the experience I had with your exceptional CuLator product. I was successful with Leslies stocking your CuLator product on their shelves. In addition, I shared these experiences with my employer Princeton University. The athletics department operates two Olympic-sized indoor swimming pools on campus. To date I have received positive feedback from management. Please, feel free to contact.

Best Regards from a satisfied customer!

Anthony L. Pezzicola
Building Trades Coordinator
Princeton University Princeton, NJ

Thank you for this great review!  CuLator works great on fiberglass (and vinyl) pools.  Often, with fiberglass, you will see “L” shaped or “football” shaped discolorations due to metal binding to the fiberglass finish.  CuLator will eliminate the metals and prevent stains from appearing again.  To keep your pool metal free all year long, keep a CuLator PowerPak in the skimmer basket or an Ultra 4.0 in the pump.  D. M. Periodic Products FL

March 11, 2013

We have a test tank of about 2000 gallons our copper levels are really high 22.4 ppm.  What can you recommend that will help us eliminate copper from out test water.F. R.

Electro-Mechanical Technician CA

I would recommend using one or two Ultra PowerPak 4.0 treatments.  Use them at the same time for a quicker response.  Does your tank have a surge tank or skimmer? If not, you can still place the CuLator into the tank using a wire tire through the loop at the top of our GatorEgg.  The CuLator will pull out the copper pretty quickly depending on the flow rate.  D. M. Periodic Products FL

After running for about 19 hour our copper levels are to a readable level of 5.2ppm.  CuLator is pretty impressive and the easy disposal can’t beat that.  Today, the levels were at 2.5ppm.

F. R.
Electro-Mechanical Technician CA

February 6, 2013 – NEW PORT RICHIE, FLORIDA
Got a wonderful response for your product at Aquafina in New Port Richie. We tested a pool with major metals and your product worked with flying colors.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to try it out. Look forward to hearing from you Robanne.

Mrs. Robanne Ficco Jet-Line of Miami LLC & Universal Packaging Company

April 28, 2012
We have had excellent results for over two years using your CuLator product.  We have a customer that lives close to a lake and we were constantly battling manganese staining and had not found any product to remove them.  We replastered the pool and have used the culator every month since and NO STAINS!  It is so easy to use and it really works!!!!  We would recommend this product to any customer fighting stains!

Sabrina Clonts
Kenco Pools
Pleatco Pool Gal 2010


I am the owner of Your Pool, inc. in Hummelstown, PA. We have been using CuLator Metal Eliminator in our commercial account pools for the past two months. After applying the appropriate stain removal chemicals to remove any stains from the swimming pool finish your product has removed the metals from the water as claimed. See photos. In addition to the improved aesthetic appeal of the swimming pool surface the CuLator has also made it easier to maintain a more balanced water profile. The CuLator does not have a negative impact on the pH and has not depleted any free sanitizer levels as is experienced with some other sequestering products. By eliminating the metals in the swimming pool water the CuLator has allowed us to reduce the ORP set points on our chemical controllers as much as 100 mv.

John McDonald
Your Pool Guy, inc.

January 20, 2012

The Pool has been fairly stable this year. Two things we really focused on was the water source for filling up (municipal vs well) anf maintaining a very tight ph balance.Attached is a picture of a bag I just pulled out of our skimmer – it’s blue. The iron content is marginal at best and has been under control. We have pulled these bags out with a redish tint to them as well (Not orange, but visibily red).

Pool is still open and 88F. Next weekend is the last hurrah for it and it will be closed down on 10/17.

John H.

September 21, 2011 – Oakton, VA
Our pool was winterized today.  We had copper issues.  CuLator definitely improved the overall “health” and maintenance of the pool.  I would definitely recommend your product.  I even showed it to our local pool supplies store.


July 26, 2011 – Memphis, TN

Thanks for the follow up.  I have been using it since it arrived over a week ago and it seems to be performing well.  I’m tempted to go ahead and change it out after two weeks and then go to a month.  There is still some stain on the pool, but far less than previously.  I have treated the pool for some of the residual metal in the water (green—not algae water).  The pH is staying right around 7.Thanks for your help.

S. P.
Attorney at Law

July 16, 2011 – White Bear Lake, MN

My name is D.  I am the service manager for Royal Pool and Spa in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  Iron is a big issue in our area.  Many of the pools that we service show brown stains from all the iron.  We’ve been battling this issue for years.  Since using CuLator earlier this year, the brown stains have not come back after shocking the pools.  I throw one bag in each skimmer basket and change monthly; it’s pretty easy to use.  We not only use CuLator in our service program, but also sell it right on the counter in our store.  It is good stuff.

D.  B.
Royal Pool and Spa

July 15, 2011 – St. Paul, MN

Poolside has been in business since 1964 in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve seen many products that claim to remove metals from water, but nothing has worked as effectively as CuLator to actually physically pull the metals out of solution. Our customers keep coming back for it. I think it is the ease of use and no harsh chemicals that our customers like; and of course it works. I’m a believer! I’ll be ordering some Winter Closer soon to recommend that as the last step before they close their pool. Thank you!

G. A.

July 11, 2011 – Raleigh, North Carolina

Rising Sun Pools has been serving our loyal customers in Raleigh, N.C. for almost 40 years. Our part of the country has great issues with metals staining pools, especially iron in well water. After using CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer, we saw amazing results in preventing metal stains. We like that it is a non-toxic product that is easy to use.  CuLator is now part of the stain prevention plan that we suggest to our customers.

Tara Vassallo-Onthank
Rising Sun Pools

March 23, 2011 – Sarasota, FL

My name is A.B., I am the person who does all the purchasing of the pool products at our branch and for our two twig branches. One is in Port Charlotte, Fl and one in Bradenton, FL.I have to tell you. Your folks stopped by a while back and left me some samples of your Culator metal remover bags.  Well, I used them on my pool, which is 22 years old, and I could not believe what the product did. I usually had to use Jack’s Magic or United Chem Super Stain Treat every few months to remove the iron and metals stains from my pool. I knew it only suspended the metals in the pool water when I used it, but it kept my wife happy! If you know what I mean!!

I had a solar cover on my pool for about 2 months and usually when I remove it for the season my pool is always stained all over. This time there were virtually no stains in it.

If it is possible could you send me some samples. I want to give some to some of my pool service companies to try. I really feel if I can get them to use them on some of their stained pools they would be really surprised how well it works.