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Questions about FillFast Pre-Filter Replacement Catridges

When you are filling your pool with city water or well water, always fill will a fresh set of FillFast CuLator Filters.  Each package comes with a pleated carbon filter to remove sediment and a CuLator filter to remove ionized metals. Here is the FillFast cartridge replacement chart:
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Bonding Swimming Pool Water – Fiberglass Pools

Please read this article on the proper bonding of swimming pools.  As we have many fiberglass pools, which no longer have metal hand rails, ladders, or lights, this is becoming a common issue. The code requires bonding of the pool water.  If your swimming pool, especially a fiberglass pool (like
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What are the little black spots in my fiberglass pool?

When you see little black spots on your fiberglass swimming pool, it could be a few things.  First, try to remove them with a vitamin C tablet.  If that doesn’t work, then have your water chemistry tested to see if you have a high phosphate level.  If you do, use
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culator metal eliminator

Why does the CuLator Ultra 4.0 Swell Up?

  Why does the CuLator Ultra 4.0 puff up? The CuLator polymers “hydrate” when they enter the water and puff up.  As they bind the metals out of the pool water, the CuLator bags will “shrink” back down to a much smaller size.  So, when is CuLator finished?  It is
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How can I get rid of rust in a fiberglass pool?

Rust is really iron in the water.  To remove rust or iron in a fiberglass swimming pool, you just need to add a CuLator Ultra 4.0 into your pump basket and let it work all summer. If you are using well water to top off your pool, then add a
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Start Up and Fire Up Your Pool with CuLator Metal Eliminator

[maxbutton id=”9″ ] The very best way to prevent water discoloration and metal staining on your new pool surface is to remove all the metals from the fill water with a FillFast Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter:     However, if you are having a professional build your pool, make sure
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