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In our committed effort to support the Pool and Spa Industry, Periodic Products, Inc. is proud to announce our continued support of Step into Swim as a Gold Level Sponsor.  Periodic Products takes immense pride in its unwavering support for the Pool and Spa industry. This dedication is manifested through the application of responsible science and cutting-edge chemical technologies. As a staunch advocate for education and progress in the industry, Periodic Products is a member of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA), the National Plaster Council (NPC), and Step into Swim.  Periodic Products is also a sponsor of the Greg Garrett Scholarship Award which assists PHTA Members in the Builder or Service sector with the opportunity to continue their education and increase professionalism in the industry.

The company’s involvement in supporting these organizations underscores its commitment to collaboration and shared goals within the industry. By partnering with and/or volunteering for these organizations, Periodic Products actively contributes to the advancement of best practices, standards, and innovations in pool and spa management. This collaborative spirit reflects the company’s dedication to creating a positive impact on the industry.

For more than a decade, Periodic Products has championed the cause of science-based education within the pool and spa sector. Through collaborative efforts with pool owners and professionals, Periodic Products has played a pivotal role in addressing issues related to pool chemistry, metals, and metal staining. 

Additionally, Dr. Joseph Laurino, president and CEO of Periodic Products and the creator of CuLator Metal Eliminator, has served as a volunteer on many technical committees and councils of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), and currently serves on PHTA’s Recreational Water and Air Quality Committee, is chair of the Technical Advisory Committee and is the current chair of its Board of Directors.

Our Stain Treatment and Removal (STAR) certification program serves as a comprehensive resource, equipping industry professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address metal stain prevention, water discoloration, and metal stain removal. By offering a science-backed curriculum, Periodic Products ensures that those who earn the STAR certification are well-prepared to tackle many of the challenges associated with pool maintenance and proper water chemistry.

In essence, Periodic Products not only provides cutting-edge chemical solutions but also actively contributes to the intellectual growth and professional development of individuals within the pool and spa industry. Through its educational initiatives and partnerships with industry-leading organizations, Periodic Products is committed to advancing the industry, one pool at a time, with a steadfast focus on education, collaboration, and responsible science.

Periodic Products, Inc. Announces the Launch of its Stain Treatment and Removal (STAR) Certification Program

Sarasota, FL, August 22, 2023 – Periodic Products, Inc. announced today the launch this fall of its metal Stain Treatment and Removal (STAR) Certification Program for pool industry professionals. This comprehensive program will consist of 5 individual modules, complete with case studies, dealing with metal staining, metal elimination, pool start-ups, source and aged water, and metal stain removal. Upon the completion of the requirements for each module, attendees will receive the corresponding STAR Certification designation.

In announcing the program, Joseph Laurino, Ph.D., President and CEO of Periodic Products, Inc., stated, “Based on our educational presentations held during various national and regional pool and spa trade shows, we have developed this certification program to help the service and retail pool professionals understand the role metals play in surface staining.  Additionally, this program will give them the tools to proactively address these issues before they arise.”

The program will be delivered using both an in-person and a “hybrid” format with both in-person and virtual components. For more information, please contact Matt Kepple ([email protected]) or David McLaren ([email protected].

About Periodic Products, Inc.

Periodic Products is a material science technology company committed to advancing a cleaner and safer global environment through the application of responsible science and breakthrough chemical technologies. Periodic Products manufactures a full range of environmentally friendly swimming pool chemicals and water filtration products containing its patented biodegradable polymer compounds and metal-polymer composite materials. The Company’s Chelok® metal chelating technology permanently removes iron (rust), copper, manganese, and other metals from swimming pools and spas; removes and recovers metal contaminants from ground and surface waters; and recovers rare earth metals from industrial and mining waste products. For more information visit

CuLator Solves Copper Cyanurate Problems in Swimming Pools

We received a question from a customer who had purple gunk at the bottom of his swimming pool.  We suspected that he had copper cyanurate.  We had him check his CYA level which was very high.  His copper level was also very high.  High copper + High CYA = Copper Cyanurate.   We had him drain the pool water and refill until the CYA was between 30-50.  When he drained the water, there was a light purple residue (sand) which showed up on the street pavement.  Obviously, that purple sand was copper cyanurate.  He was instructed to add a CuLator Ultra 4.0 to his pump basket and the problem was solved.

Here is what was said in his own words:


Here are the photos of our pool. The last two photos show the residue that accumulated in the street at the end of the vacuum hose. The numbers are looking great; we will be placing the CuLator Ultra 4.0 cartridge in the pump basket this evening! 

Once again, thank you for all your help. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Pool closing…thanks for all your help this Spring with our “Purple Haze” problem. We survived the summer with pristine pool water and no problems.

H.D. Long Island, NY

Downtown Pools Warehouse

If you are in the Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, or Pompano area…check out Downtown Pools Warehouse.  They are stocking CuLator Metal Eliminator, Ultra 4.0, and Aqua Brilliance Sequester.  Give Steve my greetings when you visit!


Bonding Swimming Pool Water – Fiberglass Pools

Please read this article on the proper bonding of swimming pools.  As we have many fiberglass pools, which no longer have metal hand rails, ladders, or lights, this is becoming a common issue.

The code requires bonding of the pool water.  If your swimming pool, especially a fiberglass pool (like San Juan Fiberglass Pool) isn’t bonded, your water is not safe to swim in and it will cause issues when removing metal stains.

Water Bonding Article From The Edge 2nd Quarter 2018

If you are using doing a stain treatment and using a CuLator Ultra 4.0 and the contents of the bag do not change color and your stains come back right after you chlorinate, then you either have a bonding issue or iron bacteria.

Call Periodic Products at 954-764-7654 to review.

What are the little black spots in my fiberglass pool?

When you see little black spots on your fiberglass swimming pool, it could be a few things.  First, try to remove them with a vitamin C tablet.  If that doesn’t work, then have your water chemistry tested to see if you have a high phosphate level.  If you do, use a phosphate remover then balance the pool water to see if that solves the problem.

Cobalt can also cause spots like these.  The gel coat delaminates a bit from the surface and these spots can develop.  Just place a CuLator Ultra 4.0 into the pump basket to see if that lowers the metal level to remove the staining.

Gel Coat delamination does happen with some fiberglass pools.  Check with your pool manufacturer to see what they can do, but doing a phosphate, or stain treatment is much easier to deal with.

If you have any questions, give Periodic Products a call at 954-764-7654 to discuss.

Happy Customer in Washington State!

May 7, 2019

  “David M. is the guy!  If you need a “go to pool guy” to answer pool chemistry questions call David.  I have a 25.000 gallon in-ground pool(reason we purchased the house 5 years ago). Every year has been a challenge to open the pool.  We are on a well with lots of Iron and other metals.  Every year I would go to the local pool store and ask for advice on how to open my pool.  Every year I would end up spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals that they said would give me sparkling clear pool water.  Every year it would take a month or more just to get the pool to a swimmable state.  I would get the pool balanced and then they would say add more chlorine(more money).  One year after shocking the pool(just add more they said) my pool water turned a very pretty purplish brown! Unswimmable!  I looked online for help and I stumbled across the Periodic Products website.  I called them up and spoke with David.  I explained what was going on with my pool and he said stop.  He explained what was going on chemistry wise with my pool water.  He than laid out a plan step by step to get my pool water to that beautiful crystal clear state.  David said do this today and call me tomorrow and let me know what happened.  He did this over and over again until I had crystal clear pool water.  The amazing thing about his advice was every time he said to do something I got the exact result he said I would get.  It was as if he was at my house performing the task himself!  Another amazing thing was he didn’t try to sell me anything!  The only thing I purchased from David was  a CuLator 4.0 pack.  This I needed to eliminate the metals in my pool water from my well.  David gave me hundreds of dollars worth of advice and information free of charge and he did so with so much joy.  His advice gave me joy because it worked but it seemed to give him even greater joy because he had helped me. Again David is the guy!  I can’t say that enough or with enough enthusiasm!  I am now enjoying my pool(the reason we bought the house).  Thank You David and Periodic Products.   Marshall Washington State Pool owner

Why does the CuLator Ultra 4.0 Swell Up?

culator metal eliminator
Holding CuLator Ultra 4.0 Up To The Light
When CuLator is added to the skimmer or pump basket, it usually swells up and becomes very puffy. This is normal. The best way to see if the CuLator is catching metals is to hold it up to the light. In this case, there is some blue at the top showing that the CuLator is binding copper out of the swimming pool water and preventing stains.


Why does the CuLator Ultra 4.0 puff up? The CuLator polymers “hydrate” when they enter the water and puff up.  As they bind the metals out of the pool water, the CuLator bags will “shrink” back down to a much smaller size.  So, when is CuLator finished?  It is easier to tell with the Ultra 4.0 because the bag will be about 1/2 full, or the contents will feel watery inside or they will feel sandy.  With the 1.0 it is a little bit harder to tell, but when the bag feels almost empty or there is a lot of color in the bag after a month, then it is exhausted.

Used CuLator with Iron in Ultra 4.0 GatorEgg
Used CuLator with Iron in Ultra 4.0 GatorEgg
CuLator Ultra 4.0 used with Copper Inside
CuLator Ultra 4.0 used with Copper Inside


Happy Customers Make Us Happy!

Here is an email from a happy CuLator customer on 05/08/19:


Wow this is a fast response . Just what I needed . I love your products by the way . The CuLator is the only thing that has worked for me . I saw David M. had also called me back.

Tell him thank you also

I will continue to be a loyal customer of your products

Thanks again

Paul C.

We love customers like Paul!  Thank you for sharing your comments!