Stainless Spa with CuLator
Stainless Spa Using CuLator PowerPak 1.0





Beautiful Stainless Spa with no metals
Beautiful stainless spa. Perfect metal free water after using CuLator PowerPak 1.0

I’m Niki from beautiful Topanga, California!  I posted the review of the Power Pak on your website product page.

I attached a photo of my stainless spa.  The first time we filled it the metal started to discolor like rust.  Using the Power Pak the pack turned orange so it appears my spa was discoloring most likely due to iron in my water.  All the pool guys and pool stores here said their water test can’t detect metal levels that low, your product was the only consumer product I could find to help me determine the problem and remove it from the water.  So far I’ve had no more discoloration!

Thank you!


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