We have had calls about using Clorox Xtra Blue Shock with algae killing crystals.  Please note that this product is using copper as the “algae killing crystals”.  Copper is a great killer of algae, but also creates problems like pool water turning colors and  swimming pool staining.

Clorox Xtra Blue Shock  Clorox Xtra Blue Shock Contents

Always read the label to see what chemicals you are adding to your pool water.

If you do use this product, then you will definitely need to use a CuLator PowerPak 1.0 to eliminate the extra metals.



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  1. have a thick rubber pond i am wanting to treat apex holds 40 gallons water. only use for floating LED lighted flowers. how much do i use???

    • Hi Temora,

      Does the rubber pond have stains? Are you looking to prevent metal stains or remove metals from the water? We have the cure for all of these types of problems we just want to recommend the right products. Please let us know.

      We have products that will remove the stains from the surface, if you are looking to remove the metals that are already dissolved in the water we would suggest using the PowerPak 1.0 which has the capacity to remove 1ppm of dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons of water. The PowerPak 1.0 would last a very long time in your situation because of the minimal amount of water you are dealing with. The PowerPak 1.0 has the smallest capacity the we currently offer.

      Feel free to give our office a call if you would like more explanation.



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