CuLator SpaPak Question

Message: Hi,
I have recently purchased from Amazon a few packs of Culator for improving my hot tub water which contains metal from my well.
I would like to know if I can reuse it after 1 treatment. If yes what is the procedure to keep it for the next refill in 3 months.

Thank you
You do miracles!

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the email. 

Yes, you can reuse the CuLator SpaPak several times.  All you must do is rinse it with fresh water, let it air dry and then place it back in the skimmer (or where you place it) when you refill.  The CuLator polymers will get dry and crunchy.  This is normal.  They will rehydrate when you place them back into the water.

Thank you for the compliments!  Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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  1. HI,
    I have been advised to seek counsel from you.
    Last spring, I found dark cloud like stains splashing around the walls and the pool bottom especially at the deep end of the pool which had been replaster just two seasons prior.
    After two acid baths performed by the pool service, the stains faded significantly on the walls but remain quite visible at pool bottom.
    I was advised to add a sequester into the pool water after I closed the pool to let the chemical work through the water in the winter. The stains as organic with some metals effect.
    I can send you photos to show you the condition of the pool in the treatment process. and hope to have your recommendations for further improvement. Many thanks in advance. A. C.

    • Hello Athena,

      Thank you for the message. Do you know what type of metal stain you had and where it came from? Do you have a heater? Is your pool a salt system? We will have more questions for you to help you. Please end the before and after so that we can take a look.

      Also, do you have a current pool chemistry test result you can share?

      When you have a moment, please call Periodic Products at 954-764-7654.



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