We have many questions about PoolRx products.  While PoolRx adds metals to the water to cleanse, CuLator Eliminates metals from the water.  So, how do they work together?  PoolRx recommends using CuLator BEFORE starting to use PoolRx in your pool:

poolrx and CuLator

We also recommend using CuLator Metal Eliminator to remove excess metals from pool water after every PoolRx treatment.  If you find your metal levels too high using PoolRx, or any mineral products, just use CuLator at the same time until you get to your desired metal level.

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  1. I’m a small company on the west coast about 40 customers each one of my customers gets a blue poolrx replace it every 5 months religiously all of my pools are Ripley shiny blue clean less maintenance very few chemicals customers are happy. Happy customer is a happy business owner new clients everyday this is to let everybody know that the poolrx works excellent just clean the filter first and you’ll be a okay for 5 months worry-free maintenance on your customers pools

  2. I used the Culator for several days before using PoolRX… But when I put the PoolRX in I forgot to take the Culator out so they were in at the same time for approximately one day. This was the initial PoolRX dose. Do you feel this will be a problem? Do you think the Culator will have absorbed the PoolRX?

    • Hi Chad,

      No problem! How long did you use the CuLator before the Pool RX? Do you still have the bag? If so, is it still a little puffy or feels like gel inside? Did the contents change any color like these images? The blue is copper and the yellowish color is iron.

      If you still have the bag and it is a little bit puffy, then just rinse it in fresh water and dry it out. After you use the Pool RX and before you retreat with a new one, just put the CuLator in for a few weeks to soak up the extra copper from the Pool Rx product.

      If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to call me at 954-764-7654.


      David M

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