Trifecta Swimming Pool Start-Up Guide

Starting up a pool is really fun!  If you use the FillFast Pre-Filter, it will make your life easy!

Use the TRIFECTA method, developed with Greg Garrett and Joe Laurino.

Step 1: Pre-filter with FillFast.  Use FillFast to filter the water used to make the plaster.  If you make plaster with well water, you are inviting stains and mottled surfaces. Next, use the same filters to fill the swimming pool.  It is important to prevent metals from entering the pool by pre-filtering your source water.  Even if you have city water, or a softener, it is a good practice to pre-filter source water for your swimming pool. 

Step 2:  When the swimming pool is filled, add Super Start-Up to the skimmer basket to sequester any metals not trapped by the pre-filter.   Some brown water may come out of the returns which is normal.  The Super Start-Up will remove plaster dust, sequester metals, help maintain pH, and clarify the pool water. Super Start-Up also helps prevent stains and water discoloration.  IMPORTANT: Make sure that the proper amount of the contents of the Super Start-Up bottle are added (Full quart bottle for 20,000 gallons, 3/4 bottle for 15,000 gallons, 1/2 bottle for 10,000 gallons and 1/4 bottle for 5,000 gallons.  Do not over-use Super Start-Up or you can lock up your chlorine).

Step 3: Place a CuLator Ultra 4.0 into the pump basket (make sure the pH is above 7.2) to eliminate any remaining metals and to prevent any water discoloration and staining for several months.  CuLator removes all stain-causing metals like iron, copper, cobalt and manganese from swimming pool water.

This three step “Trifecta” system is the best way to prevent metals from entering the swimming pool, hold any metals in suspension long enough to let the CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer remove and eliminate any remaining metals.  CuLator helps prevent water discoloration and metal stains from forming when metals from salt water systems; irrigation; stones, bricks, and pavers; pool cages; and algaecides are added to the pool when construction is finished and the you are starting up the pool.  CuLator is insurance that your brand new pool surface will look amazing from the start.

Order Items Needed For Trifecta System:

WOW! My pool water came out looking like drinking water. I used the FillFast to pre-filter my make up water and the pool looked great. The water, even though it is city water, comes out greenish brown. My pool looked clean and clear when filling. I also used the Super Start-Up and a CuLator Ultra 4.0. The pool has never looked better. I did all this because I had a crack in my pool, which required me to drain the pool. I was filling after a repair.
D. Founds
Pool owner