Periodic Products Introduces CuLator InLine Pro

We have been working hard at Periodic Products to manufacture a filter with CuLator Metal Eliminator inside…and we have done it!  After years of research, we have manufactured a pleated filter with the power of CuLator!  Plumbed into the swimming pool circulation system with 3/4″ connections, the CuLator InLine Pro allows a replaceable CuLator Filter to remove and eliminate up to 8 ppm dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons.  This new pleated filter system is an improvement over traditional CuLator products because of the added surface area which allows the CuLator polymers to grab more metals like iron, copper, manganese, and lead from your pool and spa water faster.  Don’t forget, that once the metals are bound to the CuLator, they are not coming off!  So, you don’t have to worry about metals dropping back into the water like sequestering agents and other products.

CuLator InLIne Pro

The clear sump allows you to see what metals the CuLator is removing from the water.

CuLator Color Chart

Here are a few examples of used CuLator Metal Eliminator Filters:

Used CuLator Filter With Iron Trapped


Used CuLator Filter With Copper Trapped

Once the filters are used up, you just replace them with a new CuLator Filter.  Continuous metal removal is the best way to prevent metal staining on your pool surfaces and to prevent water from turning brown or green when you shock.

CuLator InLine Pro is available through your pool professional only.  Call 954-764-7654 to learn more.