CuLator removes copper from Phoenix water
The colors inside the CuLator show metals removed
CuLator turns colors depending on metals removed from swimming pool
Blue shows copper, yellow shows iron, and the green is a combo of metals removed

Phoenix Arizona has Copper in Water

Phoenix, Arizona is dealing with a major copper issue in the municipal water.  When Phoenix residents fill their pools with city water, they are adding high levels of stain-causing copper, which can stain swimming pool surfaces or cause water discoloration.  

If you shock a swimming pool with copper in it, the pool water can turn bright green, or grayish or blueish stains can appear on the surfaces.

If the copper level is below .2 ppm, you should be safe from staining.  However, the goal is to have a swimming pool with 0 copper.  If your copper level goes up to .3, then you are at risk of staining all the pool surfaces.  

So, what can you do about a pool with copper in the water?

If you have copper in your swimming pool water, then you should use some Mega Maintain Sequestering Agent to suspend the copper in the pool water.  Next (at the same time) add a CuLator 1.0 to the skimmer basket or a CuLator Ultra 4.0 to your bump basket and let it remove and eliminate the metals from your water.  

What’s great about CuLator is that it is non-toxic and removes high levels of metals including copper, iron and manganese.  Those are the three metals which stain pools the most.  The other great thing about CuLator is the contents of our PowerPak bag change colors.  

What can you do if your pool is stained with copper?

We recommend using the Metal Stain Eliminator Kit.  It is a no-drain kit which removes metal stains, sequesters the metals (suspends the metals in the water), and removes or eliminates the metals from the swimming pool with CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer.

How do I know my CuLator is working?

We get asked this question all the time.  The answer is to look UP at the CuLator with a light or sun behind it.  This will show the color of the metals removed.  You will notice that iron turns the CuLator a yellow color and copper turns it a blue color.  Sometimes you will see both.

Is My CuLator Working?

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