Is it possible to use a CuLator packet in an empty, floating chlorinater? (It would have all traces of chlorine removed, of course.)

Our skimmer has a nonstandard design which doesn’t lend itself to having a packet thrown in, and a CuLator cage would make the skimmer too crowded.

The pump basket is an option, but for other reasons we’d prefer not to use it there.

So I was thinking of using an empty chlorinator which would float around the pool and has openings in the bottom. That’s gives the CuLator packet less exposure than having water on all sides, but it seems like it could work. The main downside, as I see it, would be that results would take longer. I could live with that, but I’d like to know if the CuLator packets are made to withstand longer times in the water than the recommended one month or whatever.

Basically, I’d like to know if it would be worth it to purchase a CuLator packet and use it in a chlorinater/floater Instead of in a skimmer or pump basket.




CuLator will be fine in the chlorinator.  Also, if you have a leaf catcher on your pool cleaner, you can place it in there.  So, your answer is yes.  No problem.  The CuLator is very powerful, but it does need flow.


Yes, the CuLator can work for months, but we must say replace after a month because some people place the bag on chlorine tabs and that dissolves the bag more quickly.  If the CuLator bag looks like it is weak or tearing, just replace with a new one.

If you have a low metal level, you can leave the CuLator in longer than a month.  The bag may puff up, but will shrink down as more metals are bound.  Hold it up to the light to see if there is a color change INSIDE the bag (see below).

Used CuLator Copper 1.0  Used CuLator


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