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FillFast PREMIER-Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter for Pools & Spas

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FillFast Pool and Spa PREMIER uses a patented CuLator filter with a carbon filter to remove all the iron, rust and metals before they get into your swimming pool.  Included: stainless steel stand and fittings.  Pre-filters 10,000 – 20,000 gallons of water–even well water.  Perfect for pool start-up, filling, and refreshing your swimming pool water.  FillFast should also be use to pre-filter the water used when making your plaster.


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FillFast Premier -Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter System uses a pleated sediment filter plus  patented CuLator Metal Eliminator Filters to remove sediment, organics, combined chlorine, and stain-causing metals from pool and spa fill water.  Source water filtered through the FillFast system makes balancing your swimming pool water easy.

Simply attach the FillFast to two garden hoses and run the water through the dual filter systems for clean and clear pool water.  Perfect for filling with metal free make up water.  FillFast uses advanced carbon technology to allow a high flow rate of water.  This makes filling a pool easy and fast!  All filters are easy to replace! Removes up to 16 ppm dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons (that’s 32 ppm from 10,000 gallons)!  Invest in perfect pool water!  Perfect pool water every time!

  • Removes up to 16 ppm metals from 10,000 gallons
  • Removes sediment
  • Removes combined chlorine
  • Removes odors
  • Attaches to garden hose – ¾” NPT
  • Can be plumbed inline
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Cost effective filter replacements
  • Better than resin filter beds/tanks
  • Faster and more metals are removed than HydroPure MetalTrap, Hydrolife Pre-fill, and PleatCo Pure Start.




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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.5 × 10 in

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  1. Douglas Tomak (verified owner)

    SO FAR NOT SO GOOD, we had issues when delivered and worked w customer service and it was resolved.

    We recently emptied the pool (stock tank w pond shield armor 700 gallon).
    We emptied the tank to install the hoses correctly and a waterfall feature. we have an intex 2500 cartridge pump and I use an Orca reusable filter and filter floss. Upon refilling the filter prior was clean and looked good. (couldn’t use the ventura (blue thing) as it spouted out streams of water ) the water was cloudy and not clear when it was filling up. Ran the pump for a couple hours before going to bed, as it was bout 10pm by the time it got filled. Woke up and went out to turn the pump back on, to my dismay water is rusty and the filter was worse than the first fill, just using a cheap prefilter . Being somewhat unemotional , this made me close to tears.
    I am waiting to speak to someone about this as I am wondering since the unit was put together backwards to start with , if something else can be wrong. Although I cant imagine what it would be. The was in the fast fill look clear but the filters did have brown (iron) on them. I am hoping to get this handled and have a better experience. I will update my review at that time . At this point my fish pond would be the better choice to sit in. I am going to have the water tested today, I noticed the ph was lower than it is.
    Donna Tomak

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    • david mclaren (store manager)


      We are sorry this didn’t work for you. This is a very unusual case.

      Thank you,

      Periodic Products

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