Dr. Joe!

Joe Laurino

Balanced Pool Water Guide

Joseph Laurino is the President and founder of Periodic Products Inc., and is the inventor of the Company’s proprietary polymer technology. Dr. Laurino has extensive biomedical research experience with several Fortune 100 companies, and has orchestrated the development, FDA approval, and production of eight medical device products generating more than $300 million in revenues.

Prior to founding Periodic Products, Dr. Laurino was a professor of chemistry at the University of Tampa; director of operations and corporate officer for Spectral Diagnostics Inc. (Toronto/Virginia), a manufacturer of point-of-care cardiac diagnostic test products; senior vice president of research & development for ABS, a pharmaceuticals and medical devices company; clinical laboratory director and assistant professor at Brown University’s Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island; and a senior scientist at Technicon Instruments (now Bayer Diagnostics) and Roche Diagnostics.

Dr. Laurino received a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Virginia, an MBA from the University of Tampa, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Georgetown University. He has been awarded both National Institutes of Health and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Fellowships, and has authored or co-authored over 65 papers, books and abstracts. In his current role, Dr. Laurino governs the Company’s scientific research and technology development, and has significantly expanded the Company’s patent portfolio, product applications, and international market reach. Dr. Laurino also serves as Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Joe is the incoming Chair of the Board for Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).  He has extensive knowledge of the pool industry and has worked with NPC, FSPA, IPSAA, WQA, the CDC, and many others.  Joseph also helped create, with PHTA, the Greg Garrett Scholarship Award which recognizes an individual employed in the recreational water industry who shows extraordinary desire in furthering their career through education.