Filtering Rust, Iron and Metals with FillFast Filters

No problems!!  We love your product so much. Originally purchased (FillFast) to fill our pool but the guy on the phone said we could potentially install in our home to filter out the metals. So we did. We live in a rural area in Nebraska and have SO MUCH IRON it’s awful. Your filters are amazing. It looks like dirt but it’s METAL that your product kept out of my pipes. We are customers for life.

Used CuLator Filters used in FillFast Pre-Filter Removes Iron from Well Water.

We love emails like this one. In this case the customer used our 2 sump FillFast as a pre-filter for whole home to remove high levels of rust and iron. As you can see, the patented CuLator filter combo removes tons of metals. Call 954-764-7654 to discuss how we can help you filter out metals before they enter your home. FillFast is easy to configure to your needs as a pre-filter system to remove iron, rust, copper, manganese, and many other metals. The patented CuLator filters are easy to change out.

Well water contains many metals. FillFast is designed to remove high levels of stain-causing and corrosive metals like rust, iron, copper, and manganese.