Swimming Pool Water Bonding

Many people believe that they don’t have to bond their swimming pool water if they have a fiberglass pool or a vinyl liner pool. However, all swimming pools are required to have bonded water. Unfortunately the way the code is written, it talks about bonding to the grid. With modern pools, which have no metals touching the water, there is no way to bond the water to the grid. Therefore, you need an extra stainless steel bond kit (Burndy Water Bug or Burndy Water Bonding Ground Kit) to make sure your water is safe to use. This link will give you more information on bonding: https://iaeimagazine.org/magazine/features/systems/taking-the-mystery-out-of-equipotential-bonding-requirements-for-swimming-pools/


Bonding Swimming Pool Water – Fiberglass Pools

Please read this article on the proper bonding of swimming pools.  As we have many fiberglass pools, which no longer have metal hand rails, ladders, or lights, this is becoming a common issue.

The code requires bonding of the pool water.  If your swimming pool, especially a fiberglass pool (like San Juan Fiberglass Pool) isn’t bonded, your water is not safe to swim in and it will cause issues when removing metal stains.

Water Bonding Article From The Edge 2nd Quarter 2018

If you are using doing a stain treatment and using a CuLator Ultra 4.0 and the contents of the bag do not change color and your stains come back right after you chlorinate, then you either have a bonding issue or iron bacteria.

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