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  1. Jim Longsworth

    I used this two years ago and it kept my water from turning colors. I used ascorbic acid and then used the spa treatment to keep the metals from coming back. It got a funny gray film on the outside of the bag, but I called and they told me it was body oils and suntan lotion. Thanks.

    CuLator SpaPakCuLator SpaPak

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  2. David (store manager)

    This acid is best on my copper stains. But I ended up needing two bags. I had more copper than I thought because my heater dumped a bunch of metal into my pool because my pH went below 7. This product works.

    Citric Acid Metal Stain Remover (Copper)Citric Acid Metal Stain Remover (Copper)

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  3. Eddy

    I read about Culator so I tried the starter kit. It worked really good at taking out the metals from my pool. Happy I got it because I can reuse the gator egg cage with refills of the powerpak 1.0. Its very convenient.

    CuLator PlusCuLator Plus

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  4. David (store manager)

    I thought one kit would work, but my stains were terrible. So, I used one kit, but then needed another. The product is great and I didn’t have to drain the pool. I tried the kit when the temperature was in the mid-60’s and it worked fine.

    Metal Stain Eliminator KitMetal Stain Eliminator Kit

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