Aqua Brilliance Sequester Gel for Start-Ups

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Aqua Brilliance is Now Super Start-Up!

  • Chemically designed for swimming pool start-ups
  • Treats 20,000 Gallons
  • Pour into skimmer when pool is filled
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals needed
    for start-up
  • Reduces plaster dust and brushing
  • Sequesters high levels of metals
  • Makes water brilliant FAST
  • No phosphates
  • Easy to store and use
  • Saves money and time

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Developed over two years with the plaster and finish expertise of Greg Garrett and chemical expertise of Dr. Joe Laurino.  Combines ingredients specifically designed to make your pool start up as fast as possible.  Reduces plaster dust and brushing.  Makes your water chemistry easier at start-up.

The most powerful sequestering agent for swimming pool start-ups.  Designed to treat 20,000 gallons, reduce plaster dust, sequester metals, and make pool water brilliant.

Use with the FillFast system and CuLator to start your pool up right and to make sure your pool water and new pool surface looks like new for years!

Aqua Brilliance is a great new pool startup chemical for treating new pool water.  When you have a new pool startup, it is important to use a sequestering agent or a “metal control” to hold the metals in suspension and protect your new pool surface.

If you are looking for the best stain preventer for new plaster pool startup then Aqua Brilliance products are the way to go!

Aqua Brilliance is just one of the chemicals needed for pool startup.  So, add Aqua Brilliance to your list of pool startup chemicals.

Aqua Brilliance is a great way to stain prevent for pools.  It is also the best winter stain and scale preventer.

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Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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  1. Kent Westfall


    I wanted to take a moment to tell you my thoughts about your new product Aqua Brilliance Sequester Gel for Start Ups.

    We have been using this on all of our initial water treatments here at Alan Smith Pools. The first thing that stood out was the ease of application. The ability to place the Aqua Brilliance Gel in the skimmer does away with the “brushing into solution” that is required on some other products. This is a real time saver for us. The second advantage for us is the concentration level of the products, which means we don’t have to transport bulky products around. The results were just a promised. Pool chemical levels were easy to obtain and the water clarity was incredible.

    This product is easier to transport and to administer. It saves us time, which is important when considering the number of pools we process every week. I think you have a winner. Thanks again for letting us test your product. We LOVE IT!

    Look at the clarity of this pool and spa. This is with no sanitation at all. I have a new product slogan, “Do the GOO”

    Kent Westfall
    Purified Pool Water
    Initial Water Treatment
    Alan Smith Pools

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  2. Michael Sandoval (store manager)

    Here at Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling we have been using the Aqua Brilliance Sequester Gel in our plaster/quartz swimming pool start ups. We have had much success utilizing this product. We have noticed that we have little to no plaster dust, clearer water and most importantly no staining. In fact this product has also increased the brilliance of the water and clarity! We believe that all of our clients have benefited from this product and it will now be out company policy to use it on ALL plaster and quartz interior finish start ups. We have recorded use in over 10 swimming pools with above average results. We highly recommend the use of this product and are extremely thankful that Mr. Garrett presented it to us for our start ups. We believe this product is revolutionary.


    Michael Sandoval
    Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling LLC

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