Metals In Pool Water

culator metal eliminatorIf you have metals in your pool water, but no staining or discolored water, you need to sequester the metals with Metal Sequester Metal Sequester Croppedand eliminate the metals with CuLator Metal Eliminator.    The metal sequestrant will hold the metals in solution long enough to let CuLator eliminate the metals from the pool or spa water.

If you have metals in your water and you shock the pool, it may turn your water colors.   If your pH goes too high, you may get staining or “plate out”.  If you do not eliminate the metals you will get discoloration or staining.  Only CuLator eliminates the metals and prevents discoloration and staining!  CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer is non-toxic, has no phosphates, and reduces TDS (total dissolved solids).

CuLator Bag in Basket 2012 Large       Ultra 4.0 in Pump

CuLator 1.0 in Skimmer Basket                       CuLator Ultra 4.0 in Pump Basket


CuLator eliminates metals by biding them to polymers contained in the PowerPak.  Here are examples of used CuLator cut open to show the metals bound to the polymers inside:

CuLator Bag Used    CuLator Used with copper

              Iron                                         Copper