Fill Fast


Introducing Periodic Products FILL FAST!  The high flow, pre-fill dual filter system which filters sediment, combined chlorine, stain causing metals from fill water:

Fill Fast High Flow Pre-Fill Dual Filter System

Fill Fast Eliminates sediment, combined chlorine, and they stain-causing metals: copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, nickel, silver and lead. Fill Fast is easy to use, connects to a garden hose and treats up to 10,000 gallons of fill water.

The first sump uses and advanced carbon filter to reduce sediment, combined chlorine, and particulate metals.   This filter is a high flow filter.




The second sump uses the new patented CuLator Filter to remove metal ions like iron, copper, and manganese from your make up of fill water.  This filter is a high flow filter.




Why do I need a dual filter system?  Well, rust particles and metal ions are in most fill water.  Using the dual filter system removes stain-causing problems from your fill water.

This high speed dual filter removes up to 16 ppm dissolved metals from 10,000 gallons at the same time as removing sediment, particulates like rust and combined chlorine!

Just attach the Fill Fast to your garden hose and let it remove and eliminate metals so you can start up your pool with clean and clear water.

Both filters are easy to replace and the CuLator Metal Eliminator filter changes colors depending on the metals it traps:

Fill Fast with a used CuLator filter which has captured and trapped iron and rust and changed to a rusty color.


Fill Fast with a used CuLator filter which has trapped and captured copper and looks blue.

After using the filters, just replace with a fresh set and keep filling!