CuLator Metal Eliminator – FAQ



What Cases Metal Stains in Pools?     How are Metal Stains in Pools Removed?     Are Metal Stains in Pools Preventable?      How Does CuLator Eliminate Metal Staining Problems?


Q: How does CuLator work?

A: CuLator® takes conventional chelating groups and binds them to a novel, unique, insoluble, non-toxic polymer backbone. This allows for the permanent elimination of the metal from the water rather than temporarily sequestering the metals in the water. The chemistry to produce these insoluble chelating polymers was developed over 23 years.


Q: What metals does CuLator bind out of pool and spa water?

A:  CuLator binds metals that cause pool surface staining and discolored water including:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Manganes
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Lead

Yes, CuLator removes and eliminates lead from pool and spa water!  It is the only product that can remove lead from water.


Q: Why is CuLator different than conventional sequestering agents?

A: Conventional sequestering agents surround the metal ions and slow down the oxidation and precipitation of the metal oxides onto the pool surface. These agents break down over time and need to be constantly added. Many of these agents are phosphate-based. CuLator is the world’s only true metal eliminator. Developed for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund Program, these polymers are the only compounds that are insoluble in water, rapidly bind metal ions, and are non-toxic.  If you need a sequestering agent, we recommend Metal Sequester.

Q: Is CuLator safe for all pool surfaces?

A: Yes! CuLator works with all surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, and pebble tech.

Q: What are the dosages?

A: Proper dosages are dependent upon the level of metal ions in the pool, and CuLator PowerPaks are formulated for every need. Compared to other chelation and sequestering agents, a small amount of CuLator polymer has the capacity to bind a substantial amount of metal. Each PowerPak is able to bind up to one third of its weight in metals, and will lower the total metal content of 20,000 gal. (75 000 L) of water as follows: one standard  PowerPak 1.0, up to 1.0 ppm; one Spring Opener PowerPak 1.5, up to 1.5 ppm; one Starter Kit, up to 1.0 ppm; and one Ultra PowerPak, up to 4.0 ppm.

Q: Does CuLator work with sequestering agents?

A: Yes. CuLator is totally compatible with all sequestering agents including: Natural Chemistry’s Metal Free; Jack’s Magic Purple Stuff, Blue Stuff, Magenta Stuff, and Step Stuff; Bioguard’s Pool Magnet Plus; Sea Klear’s Metal Klear; Leslie’s pH Lock; Pristine Clean; and Spa Time. Dissolved metals prefer CuLator over sequestering agents. When water containing sequestered metals passes through the PowerPak, the metals are permanently transferred from the sequestering agent to the CuLator polymer and are trapped inside the bag.  If you need a sequestering agent, we recommend Metal Sequester.

Q: Does CuLator react with mineral-based water purification systems?

A: CuLator, when used with these products, maintains effective concentrations of metal as an algae deterrent while preventing the staining that is caused by high levels of metal resulting from the continuous production by these systems. The effective concentration of metal (such as silver, copper, and zinc) as an algae deterrent is maintained in the pool while using CuLator. Use CuLator to prevent metal stains with these systems. Examples are: Pool Rx, Nature 2, and Frog systems.

Q: Does CuLator react with metal-based algaecides?

A: CuLator does not remove the beneficial (colloidal) form of metal found in metal-based algaecides, such as those containing silver and copper and zinc. CuLator rapidly eliminates the bad (ionic) form of the metal produced when these products lose their effectiveness. You can use CuLator during or after an algae treatment.

Q: Does CuLator react with biguanides?

A: Biguanides are poly amine/imine compounds and will not react with CuLator.

Q: The pH of my pool water is not ideal. Do I need to adjust my pH before using CuLator?

A: CuLator is effective over a very broad pH range (pH 4-14). Since the pH of most pool water is around 7.4, adjustment of the pool water pH is not necessary prior to using CuLator.

Q: Can CuLator be used in saltwater pools?

A: Yes. CuLator works in all freshwater and saltwater pools, spas, and fountains – even those filled with “hard” water containing large amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Q: Will CuLator remove stains from my pool surfaces?

A: No. CuLator only removes dissolved metals from water. To remove existing stains, you will need to add a reducing agent such as ascorbic acid, citric acid or oxalic acid. While CuLator can be used to eliminate metals from pool water during surface remediation and new pool start-ups, we recommend obtaining proper instruction on the use and handling of the required chemicals by consulting a pool professional. To get rid of stains use NO-DRAIN METAL STAIN ELIMINATOR KIT which contains everything you need to remove stains, sequester the metals, and CuLator Ultra 4.0 to eliminate the metals from water.

Q: My pool water is cloudy. Will CuLator help?

A: Cloudiness is often associated with water that is not balanced, either due to high alkalinity or high hardness. To lower alkalinity, add sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid. To lower the hardness, you will need to remove some pool water and replace with fresh water. CuLator will NOT lower or raise alkalinity or hardness. Cloudiness also come when adding chlorine or acid. If there is too much of one, the other will “fight” with it until there is balance. Often waiting a few days is the best solution.

Q: My CuLator didn’t change colors. Does that mean it isn’t working?

A: No. The contents of the CuLator PowerPak often change color, but not all metals show color when they bind to the polymer, and color changes can be dependent on the concentration of metal in pool water. Further, it can often be difficult to distinguish subtle color changes. Regardless, CuLator is continuing to eliminate metals.

Make sure you hold the CuLator over your head with the sun behind it to see if the contents of the bag have changed color. Do not look down on the bag or you will not see any color change.

Used CuLator    Used CuLator Copper 1.0

Iron Bound to Polymers INSIDE                      Copper Bound Inside

If the metals have been oxidized in the water (green or brown discolored water), the CuLator will not eliminate the oxidized metals. The water must be clear for CuLator to work properly. To get rid of discolored water use: No Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit

Q: My CuLator PowerPak expanded (“puffed up”) and/or is floating. Is this normal?

CuLator Bag Used Puffy Culator Ultra Used 2

A: Yes. Depending on pool water chemistry, the PowerPak will float and/or expand. It will eventually contract. If the bag expands with air, just squeeze the air out of the PowerPak and replace in the basket. The Ultra 4.0 will fill the GatorEgg protector, which is normal.

Q: How often do I need to replace the CuLator PowerPak?

A: We recommend replacing the CuLator PowerPak 1.0 monthly. Once metals are captured, they permanently stay inside, eliminating the need to closely monitor the PowerPak. For optimum results, use a Spring Opener 1.5 for the first month of the pool season, a regular PowerPak 1.0 monthly during the season. If you have a large metal issues or staining, use an Ultra 4.0 for one month and then replace. The Ultra 4.0 will last several months up to a season for general maintenance.

Q: When should I use the CuLator Ultra 4.0?

A: The Ultra PowerPak 4.0 is best used for larger pools, commercial pools, pools with high metal content in the water, and pools on well water. If you have “blown out” your heater with low pH, use an Ultra 4.0. Replace monthly or as needed. Ultra 4.0 may be for seasonal metal elimination maintenance. If you are doing a stain treatment or have lots of metals, replace after one month and then keep an Ultra 4.0 in the pump for several months at a time.

Q: What happens if the PowerPak bag accidentally tears and the product is released into the pool?

A: CuLator is non-toxic. In the event of an accidental release, the pool’s filtration system will easily remove the contents from the pool water. Replace the torn bag with a fresh CuLator PowerPak. You may notice a slimy feel to the bag when it has been in the pool. This is normal.

Q: How do I get open and close the GatorEgg?

A: TO OPEN hold the bottom piece, twist the top piece to the right.  This may be difficult when it has been in the water for some time.  Keep trying, it will open.  TO CLOSE hold the bottom piece, twist the top piece to the left.  Make sure the little tabs are lined up before starting.

Watch the video for more instruction:

How to open and close the GatorEgg video