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    1. CuLator works great with all sequestrants! Just make sure your sequestering agent has no phosphonic acid because it breaks down with sun, chlorine, and time and become phosphates. Check out CuLator Metal Sequester which has no phosphates. Each pool is unique. You will have to try to see if CuLator is the only thing you need fop metals. You may be able to get away with not using a sequestering agent. If you are on well water or are having major metal issues, I would recommend using a sequestrant.

    1. Nicole,

      Go to the FIND A STORE link and put in your zip code. That will show you what stores around you carry CuLator. Or, call me at 954-764-7654 and I will help. Thanks! David

  1. I having a problem removing metal stains from my pool. Can you recommend an expert in the Bradenton/Sarasota area

  2. I love CuLator and use it all the time in my pool. I have a salt water system and my pH always creeps up. When the pH goes up, the stains start coming out. That was, they did, because CuLator gets rid of all that iron in my pool.

  3. I’ve been using sequestering agents like Jack’s Magic and Metal Out for years, but every month or so I have to add more and my stains start coming back. Can you help?

    1. Splash,

      The reason you continue to have problems with your sequestering agents is that they do not remove or eliminate the metals from the water. CuLator is the only way (other than draining your pool water) to get metals like iron, copper, and manganese out of the water. CuLator works great with all sequestering agents and helps make taking care of metals easy and cost effective. Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can use CuLator with any pool heater. CuLator is not temperature dependent.

      Pool heaters are a common cause of metals in pool and spa water. When pH drops below 7, the water becomes acidic and immediately begins to dissolve the copper coil, piping and any other metals in your heater. Those metals are dropped into the pool water and can cause staining, water discoloration and hair discoloration.

      Best practice is to place a bypass on your heater so that you do not run pool water through the heater when you are not using the system.

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